Top Ten Diversity Best Practices

Developed by ASAE’s Diversity Committee
Examples of Top Ten Diversity Best Practices

  • Strong support from top management and board chair (written statement of commitment)
  • Diversity linked to strategic planning process, mission, vision
  • “Diversity” or “Inclusion” identified as a core value for the organization in the appropriate documents (see also first item on this list)
  • Management reporting systems track, and allow leadership to set goals as appropriate, for “representation” for board membership, at the senior officials level, managers and supervisors level, and across business units so that the organization’s employees and volunteers (especially in leadership positions) ‘look like” the membership, (desired) customer base, or general population
  • A diversity orientation is provided for new employees and follow-up sessions are offered for all staff, as appropriate, to address the organization’s policies and procedures related to valuing and leveraging diversity to accomplish the organization’s mission and achieve its vision (ALL employees are expected to attend and participate – leaders model this expectation by their attendance)
  • Diverse group of speakers at meetings
  • Meetings are accessible
  • Encourage speakers to address aspects of diversity in all presentations
  • Understanding the makeup of membership – tracking various demographics of the membership, leadership and staff to understand ‘representation”
  • Mentoring, scholarship or other programs to encourage greater access and participation for under-represented segments of membership or society
  • Diversity awareness training for board, volunteers and members
  • Advertise employment opportunities to a diverse group of potential employees Scan all publications to ensure that offending images are removed, pictures include a culturally diverse group of people, and that language is neutral.
  • Promote your trade or profession to minorities through career days at minority educational institutions or professional internships for minority students.
  • Provide members with a list of resources for exploring cultural diversity issues.

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