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Diversity Officer Magazine - Promoting Expertise, Research & Credentials

A Diversity Leadership Knowledge-Sharing Solution!

Welcome to Diversity Officer Magazine’s online publication. This website is updated with new content regularly. Consistent with our previous publications, the quality of the content has not been sacrificed.

How would you like to have a state-of-the art magazine with articles written by professionals on the front lines of diversity and inclusion—along with solutions you can use right away? Diversity Officer Magazine is the first knowledge sharing global magazine for diversity professionals.


  • Diversity professional profile (This could be you)
  • Organizational inclusion tools & solutions
  • Diversity talent management strategies
  • Case studies
  • Professional competence solutions
  • Cultural diversity & secession planning
Whether you are promoting inclusion of Aboriginal people in Australia, making certain that Muslim people feel included in Sweden, promoting multicultural policing in the United States, or harnessing diversity in the interest of productivity for a multinational company, this magazine is a must for your toolkit.

Avoid the pitfalls of doing diversity work by using the tips and secrets Chief Diversity Officers and other diversity and inclusion experts share in the magazine.

This magazine is sent to your home or office two times per year. And it is complimentary if you are an in-house diversity officer. If you are a trainer, consultant, or in a role other than the diversity officer (i.e., you do not lead the diversity program or you work for a consulting and training company.), you can enjoy the contents of this site at no charge. You can also buy a subscription for the hard copies. Click on Magazine Subscription in the menu on the left side of this page for more details.