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Cultural IQ: Cop Nearly Gives Black Woman Heart Attack

It is very difficult to build trust when there is a history of perceived injustice. The policeman’s attempt to connect with black people is commendable. His limitations offer a good example of Cultural IQ. This young man narrating the video points out the officer’s cultural competency gap. Because he was doing something commendable and it would have made him feel ... Read More »


The Diversity Training Pain Island Diversity training has a bad reputation and diversity professionals are at fault. Diversity training alone is too often marketed as a strategy. This leads to unreasonable expectations about outcomes. Consider the research by Professors Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev. Their 2006 diversity training publication received considerable media attention because the research concluded that the practice does ... Read More »


Clever Cultural Diversity Debate Games Want to win an inclusion debate? However, being able to nail someone who has difficulties embracing inclusion? Cultural diversity debates present teachable moments. Unfortunately, most of us are ill-equipped to take full advantage of those moments. Next time, instead of engaging in ineffective verbal sparring, try asking them a powerful question or two. The news media ... Read More »

Why Employee Engagement Matters

Kodak’s Diversity and Inclusion Worldwide Strategy – Augustin Melendez, Eastman Kodak Company Editor’s choice – Presentations   Read More »

’12 Years a Slave,’ ‘Nebraska’ Lead Indie Spirit Award Nominees

By: Derrick Deane on November 26, 2013 at 1:27PM It's time to see which film can build up momentum heading into awards season. This morning, the Spirit Award nominees were announced and all the expected, buzzed-about indie films are in the mix. 12… Read More »

Investigating Civility & Collegiality Complaints: Lessons from the George Zimmerman—Trayvon Martin Case

HIGH IMPACT DIVERSITY & INCLUSION LESSONS Managing Collegiality & Civility Can Be a Challenge Managing employee collegiality and civility is one of the more challenging human resource management responsibilities. Insults, bullying, and name-calling make trouble in close employee encounters. The overall impact on the organization is undermining civility, which drains productivity. Yet, according to a workplace civility study of employees ... Read More »

Building & Sustaining Innovation in the Workplace

BSBINN801A: Lead Innovative Thinking and Practice Element 3: Generate and support a culture of innovation Element 4: Sustain innovative thinking and practice Link to all diagrams & resources through PearlTrees Building & Sustaining Innovation in the… Read More »

Women Wanted: Breaking the Diversity Stalemate

SOURCE: PA Consulting Group US September 03, 2013 10:11 ET Research From PA Consulting Group Shows Why Organizational Culture Is the Key to Gender Diversity -- and to a Company's Success NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - September 03, 2013) - According to… Read More »

What Credentials Do I Need to Become a Diversity Professional?

How much education does a diversity expert need? What type of education is satisfactory? These are difficult questions to answer due to individual differences. Some people come into the world with the propensity to promote inclusion—although statistically very few. However, most of us need to learn how to do so. Even if we have suffered discrimination and oppression, this does ... Read More »