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Diversity Officer Magazine
Reprint Guidelines & Agreement

Diversity Officer Magazine welcomes requests to license articles or covers for academic, non-governmental, government, or business use. All material in the magazine is protected by copyright law. Reproduction of content requires the permission of SDIM magazine or the individual copyright owner.

Articles by Expert Author Contributors: Contributors control the copyright to their articles. Attempts should be made to directly contact the author credited for the article to receive reprint permission.

Permission to Photocopy: To obtain permission to photocopy text-only, staff produced articles for general, academic or business purposes, please submit your request to Diversity Officer Magazine. Note: Diversity Officer Magazine grants copy permission only and does not provide photocopies.

Permission to Syndicate: To obtain permission to syndicate an article in a magazine or newspaper, please email ( Your email request should include Article Title, Author, and Issue Date.

Permission to Reprint: To obtain permission for custom electronic or print reprints of an individual article or cover, call 415.692.0121 or e-mail us. Entire copies of a magazine that has been archived can be purchased for $49.95 each from Diversity Officer Magazine by contacting us at 888.288.1603 or sending payment to 255 Townsend Street, Suite 255, San Francisco, CA. 94107 USA, Attn: Publications Division.

Permission to Use Actual Cover: To obtain permission to use full cover for television or film, please email ( or fax your license request to 888.288.1603. The request can found below.

Permission for Textbooks or Anthologies: To obtain permission to republish an article in a textbook or anthology, please email ( or call 415.692.0121. License fees are generally determined by such factors as type of industry, article length and print run/unit cost of licensed reuse. No-fee or reduced rates may apply for non-profit institutions.

Reprint Fees and Payment

Our standard reprint fees are as follows:

One-time, non-exclusive North American rights, PDFs, print and website reprints for commercial (for-profit) organizations: $100 per article.

One-time, non-exclusive North American rights, PDFs, print and website reprints for nonprofit organizations, educational institutions fee-based authors and article interviewees: $50 per article.

One-time, non-exclusive North American rights, PDFs, print, and website reprints for non-profit educational institution classroom use are free of charge.

One-time, non-exclusive North American rights, PDFs, print and website reprints for non-fee-based expert author contributors: reprint fee waived.

Click Here to download the form in pdf format.

Payment must be received prior to the article’s publication. Please make via check, money order, or credit card payable to the Diversity Training University International. Mail checks to:
Publications Division
350 Townsend Street
Suite 255
San Francisco, CA. 94107 USA.

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