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What Makes eLearning Experience Stand Out

Let’s face it. It is an ever-changing, fast-moving, and knowledge based business climate.  Employees must keep up with new and more effective ways of doing their jobs under conditions that change at lightning speed. That means the organization that competes successfully promotes a learning culture. Companies are also concerned about keeping costs down, especially in the seesaw economic climate we are presently in.

Getting your employees to attend a classroom training is becoming more challenging. If you have more than one office in different geographical locations and time zones, it may impractical and costly. What do you do with the employee who misses the mandatory training?

The days of requiring each employee to attend classroom trainings are coming to end due to rising training costs and an increasingly mobile workforce. Employees are working at great distances from each other and many take advantage of telecommuting.

What this all means is that today’s learner requires continuous learning that is offered in short, easy to consume, and action learning format. They also need to have ready access to what they need to know when they need it. And it should not cost an arm and a leg to make it available to them.

So, how do you help employees keep up to remain competitive? A recent research report indicates that the more and more organizations are turning to hybrid training solutions. This means a combination of face-to-face, elearning, and informal learning activities are offered to meet diverse learning needs and opportunities.

Elearning is the fastest growing training solution. That is not surprising given technological advancements that have made elearning more effective and accessible. But, not all elearning solutions are short, easy to consume, mobile, and cost effective.

That is why we recommend eJ4.

Diversity Officer Magazine partnered with DTUI.com to review a number of elearning solutions on the market. DTUI.com has more than 20 years of experience in elearning design, development and implementation. What we learned is that all the examples we reviewed had one thing in common—careful attention to the content the learner was expected to master. That is where the major similarities ended.

What we learned is that elearning solutions, regardless of the subject matter, vary in terms of ease of use and maintaining learner interest. The samples that had the best features were concise, presented information in ways that make it easy to consume, and utilize features familiar to the learner.

While several elearning solutions stood out, we selected ej4 because of its superior use of an experience familiar to learners. The products take in consideration that learners are very familiar with television news presentations. These presentations tend to be short, concise, narrated, and use visual information in the background to augment consuming the information quickly. The result is that we learn what we need to know quickly and efficiently.

Watch is short video:


ü  Results oriented, performance improvement products

ü  Short, quick, actionable videos that can be consumed in about 10 minutes or less

ü  Cloud-hosted content makes courses easily accessible anywhere, anytime on your smartphone, tablet, or computer

ü  Off-the-Shelf or customized learning solutions

ü  More than a 1000 off-the-shelf courses for your employees to choose from

ü  Adult-learner focused

The cloud-based solutions are secure, safe, fun, easy to access, reliable and well-tested.

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Learning organizations compete better in the modern, fast-moving, ever-changing, knowledge-based business environment. What your people know and their ability to share it are crucial to stay on top of customer needs. Yet, training is typically time consuming and costly per employee.

According to a study by _______, employers expect training to shift to more than 70% elearning format in the next few years. Jerry Brown, the governor of California is pressuring the state funded universities and colleges to shift to offering more online courses as a budgetary necessity in lean and mean economic times. The increasing use of mobile devices means that people have ready access to learning opportunities. The learning materials should not limited them to logging into a laptop or desktop.

In the real world, people need what they need to know immediately. They can lose the customer or fall behind on a project when confronted with obstacles that require either learning something new or refreshing their memory for something learned in the past. Taking a full course is not feasible or necessary under these conditions. That is where just-in-time learning can make the critical difference.

The biggest mistakes employers make are limiting access learning with required classroom training and time-consuming learning modules, which cost in efficiency and learning flexibility.  These costly mistakes ignore the more accessible alternatives that take advantage of just-in-time learning techniques and adult learning styles.