About Chief Diversity Officer Magazine

Diversity Officer Magazine is dedicated to publishing state-of-the-art diversity and inclusion articles that provides insights into designing, developing, and delivering high impact cultural diversity solutions.  To this end, it brings together writings from the practitioner and the scientific research communities. As of September 1, 2008, Strategic Diversity & Inclusion Management (SDIM) Magazine was changed to Diversity Officer Magazine.

The following principles guide Diversity Officer Magazine’s direction:

  • Use uncompromising standards of excellence in the creation of magazine content and solutions based on the everyday reality of diversity within organizations, society, and global communities.
  • Provide information based on expertise from applied experience in combination with laboratory research to offer a credible and sustainable source of knowledge.
  • Create a community of diversity professionals that respects individual contributions, values global consciousness, and are open to diversity in thoughts and ideas.
  • Seek to spread compassion globally in the service of fostering productive organizations and creating value in the lives of individuals.
  • Celebrate creativity, different world views, humor, and genuine efforts to embrace differences.

We have an incredible editorial advisory board which includes:

  • Billy Vaughn, PhD CDP, Editor-in-Chief (USA)
  • Arthie Moore, CEO, Mthimkhulu International (South Africa)
  • Nirmala Menon, CEO Interweave (India)
  • Edward Hubbard, Hubbard & Hubbard (USA)
  • Julio Gonzalez, Human Resource Manager, Tenaris (Italy)
  • Janis Mitchell, Department Chair, Language Studies, Galludet University (USA)
  • Claudy Jules, PhD, Organization Strategy, Accenture (USA)
  • Regina Klaesges, PsyD, Consultant, DTUI (USA)
  • Ã…sa Helg, Partner, Sweden 2000 Institute (Sweden)
  • Hamlin Grange, President, Prodiversity (Canada)
  • Baraz Samiian, PhD, Learning & Diversity Consultant, Blue Cross of Florida (USA)
  • Mercedes Martin, DTUI (USA)
  • Edward Hubbard, Hubbard & Hubbard (USA)
  • Souldance, Writer & Coach (USA)

COST?: How much does this magazine cost? Many of the articles are available without a charge! If you can access it, it is at no charge. You no longer have to be an in-house diversity professional or even register to use this site. Should you want to receive our premium popular articles, you will need to pay $49.95 for an annual subscription (see details below). That will provide you with full access and pdf copies of articles.

Diversity Officer Magazine is published twice each year starting January 2009. It is published by Diversity Trainer & Professional Network c/o Billy Vaughn, PhD Editor-in-Chief, 350 Townsend Street, Suite 255, San Francisco, California 94107. Application to mail at Periodicals Class Postage rate is pending at San Francisco, CA and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to: Diversity Officer Magazine, c/o Billy Vaughn, PhD, 350 Townsend Street, Suite 255, San Francisco, CA 94107. Subscriptions to receive the magazine by mail can be paid at http://dtui.netfirms.com//Newsletter/nfoscomm/catalog/. Annual paid subscriptions are available at the subscription price of $49.95US for 2 issues. Single copy is $30.00. Please note that payments are made to DTUI.com on behalf of Diversity Trainer & Professional Network until the organization’s 501c non-profit organization charter is approved.

Please contact us at 415.692.0121 or admin@diversityofficermagazine.com for more information.
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