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Interested in reaching hundreds of diversity professionals searching for a job? Try our Diversity Officer Job Board!


We provide the expertise and reach needed to attract the best talent in a culturally diverse recruitment pool. Diversity Officer Magazine (DOM) is a  top-rated website and magazine. You can be certain that we will use our vast network to recruit for your search until the person is hired.

  • Linkedin.com connections
  • Linkedin.com groups
  • In-house mailing list of 1000s of diversity professionals
  • Hundreds of graduates of the Diversity Executive Leadership Academy’s certification programs.

Diversity professional credentialing expertise, teamwork, and a comprehensive talent search approach lead to faster, more effective executive search results when you choose the Diversity Officer Job Board. Diversity Officer Job Board associates partner with the client from start to finish.


Our clients have the benefit of Diversity Officer Job Board associates’ expertise, reputation, and close connections in diversity resource professionals community—from staff to leadership level candidates. This guarantees that our recruitment efforts will concentrate on identifying the best talent that fits your organization’s needs.

Here are some additional service features:

  • The Diversity Officer Job Board website job bank advertising section is solely for diversity professional positions. It is also one of the top three pages viewed.
  • The Job Board ranks in the top three sites on Google—the most popular search engine.
  • Diversity Officer Magazine is a popular website for diversity professionals seeking industry articles and solutions.
  • DOM partners with Diversity Executive Leadership Academy, which is a firm that offers diversity professional certification among its products and services. This offers a database of potential candidates.
  • We will submit email campaigns to our list of thousands of opt-in professionals.
  • A banner ad will be placed on the front page of DOM.
  • The executive position will be posted in our professional networks.
  • We use an online project management tool to share documents, hold discussions, and keep you informed of the progress of your search.


Our expertise and built-in pipeline for assisting your organization in getting the best candidate make us stand out from other executive search firms.

  • Our partner DTUI.com has been training and certifying diversity professionals for twelve years.
  • DOM is dedicated to providing articles and other solutions to diversity professionals.
  • We are among the leaders in the chief diversity officer subject matter field.

With DOM you get a team approach to executive search with senior representation in the marketplace and the proven effectiveness of the search disciplines.

The Diversity Officer Job Board Advertising Process

DOM utilizes a three-step process for successful hiring.

  1. Understand Your Needs

Before beginning the recruiting process, it is critical to understand the job role. The title may be the same, the job description often differs from one organization to another. We spend the necessary up-front time with you to understand your organization’s needs and the nuances of your position, as well as the unique backgrounds required of the candidates. In addition, we provide our expert advice about the type of experience, knowledge, and skills your candidate needs.

  1. Candidate Evaluation

We evaluate candidates based on how their experience and expertise fit the criteria. A critical part of this evaluation is analyzing how well the candidate will fit into your organization’s culture. For each candidate selected to present to you, a written report is developed that provides details on the individual’s relevant experience and successes.

  1. Closing the Candidate

The final phase of executive recruiting is completing thorough reference and background checks on the candidate selected. Throughout the recruiting process, DOM works with the candidate to resolve any issues as they arise, thus paving the way for you to make an offer the candidate is ready to accept immediately. This is one of the keys to shortening the search process and getting the candidate on board as soon as possible.

Ask us about our package options to find the best fit for your hiring needs.

Go to http://www.diversityofficermagazine.com/diversityjobs to learn more.

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