Diversity Executive Awards Nominations

Nomination for Diversity Officer Magazine Outstanding Leadership Awards

The annual Diversity Officer Magazine Leadership awards recognize exceptional in-house cultural diversity managers and leaders who advance the transformation of organizations through diversity initiative implementation. We seek individuals whose exemplary work provides a model for utilizing best practices, leading organizational change and making outstanding contributions in diversity and inclusion.

Past Recipients

Past recipients include

• Francine Small VP of Diversity CDP, Cook Medical Group
• Michael Eatman MA CDP (Pike School)
• David Belton CDP (National Reconnaissance Organization)
• Amy Coyle MA CDP (National Reconnaissance Organization)
• Terrence Snelling CDP (National Reconnaissance Organization)
• Stacey Burrell CDP (National Reconnaissance Organization)
• Deborah Carvalho CDP (American Red Cross)
• Shirley Ranguindan, Chief Diversity Officer, Air National Guard

Award Categories*

Nominations for 2015 awards are open now through March 15, 2015 for in-house Outstanding Diversity Leadership in the following sectors (One for each sector):
• Business
• Non Profit
• Education
• Government
• Military

* A panel of judges review nominations for each award.

Award Benefits

All award winners receive:

• Recognition at the annual Diversity Executive Award dinner
• An engraved statue acknowledging the recipient’s outstanding achievement
• Recognition in Diversity Officer Magazine publications

Together, let’s celebrate those who are transforming the lives of people and their organizations!


Criteria for Outstanding Leaders:
• Leadership Skills
• Inclusive Attitude
• Early Career (Less that five years experience) or Senior Leader (More than five years experience)

Nominator & Nominee Information (*Required)

* Nominee First and Last Names
* Nominee Title
* Nominee Email Address
* Nominee Organization
* Nominee email address
* Nominee phone contact
* Nominee’s credentials/certifications

* Name of Nominator (First & Last)
* Nominator Email Address
* Nominator Organization
* Nominator email address
* Nominator phone contact

Nominee Photo (head-shot style)
Please upload a head-shot style photo of your nominee for the slideshow.
Outstanding Leader Nomination

Keys to Outstanding Diversity Officer Nomination Criteria

The annual award is offered to individuals who demonstrate:

  • An inclusive attitude towards all members of the organization;
  • Serves as an inclusive role model for co-workers, the leadership, and the staff in her or his work responsibilities;
  • Commitment to quality in carrying out job responsibilities above and beyond the call of duty, and is an asset to the organization;
  • Demonstrates expertise in designing and developing diversity initiatives
  • Demonstrates expertise in facilitating groups and presentations
  • Demonstrates a commitment to quality
  • Shows initiative
  • Commitment to professional growth.

Candidates for the award must meet the following criteria:

• Nominee must be a full-time in-house diversity officer or manager.
• Must have been employed as a diversity officer/manager for at least one (1) year for Early Career Nominees or five (5) years for Senior Leader Nominees.


Briefly describe how this nominee represents the spirit of the “Diversity Officer Magazine Outstanding Leadership” award.

Using the above Keys to Outstanding Diversity Officer Nomination criteria, describe in NO MORE THAN TWO PAGES how the candidate meets the criteria in her or his role and responsibilities.
• Please give specific examples.
• Please be as specific as possible.
• Nominee Photo (head-shot style)

The 2015 Diversity Office Magazine Outstanding Leadership Awards reception will take place on May 15th at 5:00 pm Pacific Time in San Francisco. Please mark your calendars.

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