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Message from Dr. Billy

By day eight [of vacation], I was restless and ready to get back to the office. Fortunately I had been there before during breaks from work.


Hello my friends. It is summer time in my part of the world. If you need a vacation, take one at any cost.I took a bit of time off that was much needed. Went to the island of Kauai for the first week and stayed in a condo on the beach. Started getting my exercise program back on track while jogging and stretching on the beach. Listening to the waves crashing along the shore all day and night. Spent time visiting my friend Gene. He’s from Sacramento, but looks more like an islander by the day after a decade of the laid back life.

I was still fighting a bit of restlessness upon landing on Oahu the second week. Thought it was time to get back to my desk. The Hilton Hawaiian Village resort is one of my favorite places to stay on Oahu (The town of Kahlua is my second). The place is like a little village with its own stretch of beach to jog, a nice gym, dinner cruises, and too many shops to hold on to your wallet for very long.

Walking to the high end shopping area in for dinner during the balmy evenings was a treat. I wished the Prana, Kenneth Cole, Roy Ricard, etc. shops closed earlier that 10:00 pm (I was able to hold on to my wallet).

I used my reciprocal membership for full daily access to the Waikiki Yacht Club. What a treat that was. Right on the water next to the boats, a very reasonably priced dinner menu with full service, and an overall nice place just to relax.

By day eight, I was restless again and ready to get back to the office. Fortunately I recognized what I was experiencing from previous much needed breaks from work. I reminded myself that the flight home did not leave for six more days. By day ten, I was so relaxed that I did not care whether I stayed or not. I was finally on vacation. When I got on the plane the fourteenth day, I was where I needed to be.

Check the articles in this issue. Diversity recruitment is always a hot topic. The recent news about the challenges of creating inclusive high tech organizations has led more discussions and calls for solutions. We offer two articles in this issue on the topic.

The first article, “The Top Ten Questions to Ask When Discussing Who is Qualified”, emphasizes the quagmire for too many people leading a diversity recruitment effort. Most discussions about diversity recruitment end up getting caught up in the let’s avoid watering down the desired talent or competencies in the hiring process. The backdrop is that diversity means that you will have to balance talent and bean counting. This article provides key points for discussions.

“The Top Ten Keys to a Successful Diversity Mentoring Program” article is important because the emphasis is typically on getting diverse bodies into the organization and then worrying about how to retain them later. This article challenges that practice by providing a good rationale for being more proactive.

Let me know what you think.

Dr. Billy

Diversity Manager/ Executive Jobs 

FA Chief Compliance Officer
Cetera Financial Group, San Diego, CA.

Resource Division Lead
, Arlington, VA.

Director of Access and Inclusion 
Texas A&M University- Central Texas
, Kileen, TX.

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Events Calendar

Cultural Diversity Articles/Resources

checklist_ccThe Top Ten Keys to a Successful Diversity Mentoring Program

Have you tried using a design team in your Diversity Mentoring Program? Sharing the workload makes the work easier and helps to ensure continuity.

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The Top Ten Questions to Ask When Discussing Who is Qualified

“Which [candidate] will be wearing an affirmative action collar around his neck?”, and “Which of the two [candidates] would you rather be?” are two great questions to enter into a conversation qualifications [in] the workplace.

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