How to Deal With Resistance to Diversity & Inclusion – A Short Course

Case Study Black Female Professional Standing with arms crossed with a smile on her face Sara is ready to present her case for diversity and inclusion to her organization’s leadership team. She is dressed in a new “power” suit, flaunts a new hairstyle, and glows with the confidence that comes with days of preparation. Before she can get started, her boss points out how “very nice” she looks in his introduction. Then the VP of Sales asks how long her presentation will be while several people in the audience are having two way conversations as though the meeting had not started. Sara starts her presentation and the room quiets down. She presents information that brings attention to demographic changes, the importance of leveraging diversity to gain a competitive edge in the market place, and the promise of diversity for increasing innovation. She asks for questions at the end. The Senior Human Resource officer asks the first question: “Why is your office separate from HR given the overlap in responsibilities?” Sara spends a considerable amount of time describing the differences between the two units. The HR officer does not appear convinced. The Chief Financial Officer comments that combining the offices would lead to cost savings. Sara is getting a bit irritated at this point because the CEO/President who asked her to take on the job role and give the presentation is not coming to her defense. She feels left alone to defend herself. The marketing director brings the group’s attention to the clock in an effort to make certain that she has time for her presentation. Sara’s time is up without any discussion about the content of her talk.

In this presentation you will learn about the Three Steps in Managing Resistance to D&I. Take the pretest quiz to how much you know before completing the lesson. This lesson will take you through the three steps to managing resistance and deepen your understanding of how to managing resistance. You will also get another chance to help Sara. Ready to get started? Click Here

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